My Sister’s Engagement Surprise!

Leigh Anne Miguelez and Joey Saunders

This past weekend, my parents, my youngest sister Melissa, my wife Colleen, and I traveled to Charlottesville, VA for a big surprise. Joey, my sister Leigh Anne’s boyfriend, told us a few weeks ago about his plan to ask her to marry him. He wanted to then surprise her with his and her family and friends at his family’s vineyard in Virginia. We were obviously on board 100%.

Leigh Anne & Joey showing off the ring!

Leigh Anne & Joey showing off the ring!

Leigh Anne and Joey got engaged on the way to Meriwether Springs Vineyard, on Monday morning. She then called all of us to tell us the big news and we had to lie and act surprised. We also had to act like we weren’t in the same state as her, trying to find the vineyard she was headed to just a short time later. When I got the call, since I was a little lost, I told her that my wife and I were lost on the way to a Memorial Day picnic in New Jersey. She bought it!

Leigh Anne & Joey being silly

When she showed up at the vineyard for what she thought was a public wine tasting, we were all there to surprise her! Watch her reaction as she finds us all in Virginia when she thought she just talked to us back homeā€¦

Joey leads Leigh Anne around the corner to see all of us standing there and she loses it!

We spent the day with her, her new fiance, and his family. It was a great trip and we’re so happy we could share her special day with her. Leigh Anne’s friends showed up after the initial surprise, so the tears continued. When I could pull them away from their guests, I managed to get some time to take photos of the couple. Enjoy some of the images I captured of the day below.

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