It’s Been a Year

Honestly, my most honed talent is procrastination. I haven’t met many people who can put off until tomorrow what could easily be done today as well as myself. If you’d like to challenge me, have at it. But it’s not really something I’m proud of, even if I do tend to brag about it a bit.

Anyway, that’s not even the point of this post…

My last post was published:

  • …a year ago today.
  • …about my truck that I was working on, that I still haven’t finished.
  • …in a different site design.
  • …on a different blogging platform. (used to be Anchor, now it’s WordPress)
  • …with the intention to blog frequently about the truck’s progress.
  • …with the intention NOT to stop publishing new posts for a year.

Oh well, stuff happens. Err… doesn’t happen… for a year… sometimes.

What’s new?

Thanks for asking.

My daughter is more adorable. Like way more. Our summer was pretty nice, even if we didn’t travel as much as my wife would like. Went to a couple weddings. I finally got my garage cleaned up enough to use it! We started attending a church regularly, after searching for a couple years, and we’re happy about it. Oh yeah – and I procrastinated a lot!

Part of the reason I put off publishing anything new was that I developed a hatred for Anchor CMS. That’s a bit over-dramatic, but for quite a few reasons I just loathed the thought of logging in to do anything with it. So I started building a new website on WordPress instead.

I started rebuilding in the beginning of 2016, but it wasn’t until I had a new client project on WordPress that I really kicked it into gear in September. I finally learned how to leverage widgets and the customizer to really unlock WordPress’ potential as a business website. Taking what I learned, I quickly built into what it is now. I plan on writing about this blog and its development as a way to keep track for the future as well as offer assistance and ideas for anyone else with a blog.

Hand on my heart, I promise not to let another year go by without blogging. I know this blog lacks a single focus, but my web design, DIY, and woodworking posts pull in a bunch of views every month.  In fact, I’ve received quite a few requests for follow ups to my most popular Google Analytics tutorial. So I’ll probably be back soon with that.