How to Silence Camera Shutter on Galaxy Phones Without Root

I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It’s a fantastic phone, even now that it’s over two years old! But for all that it does well, there is still one thing that has been bothering me, and even hindering me, from day one: the camera shutter sound cannot be turned off! I love taking pictures, but since the shutter sound is so loud and obvious, I shy away from some pretty fantastic shots in public.

This goes for all Galaxy phones and even tablets. Samsung made the decision, based on laws in its home country, South Korea, to lock the Android setting for toggling the shutter sound. So it’s been that way since the S2 or S3. You do not have access to the shutter sound with the build of Android that comes with your device.

It is up to carriers to reverse the lock and give back the option to disable the sound. But at this point in time, no carrier has deemed this worthwhile. So for a long time, only those Galaxy owners who were brave (and smart) enough to root their device had the ability to silence their cameras.

Root the Device

It’s always been possible to achieve a silent camera shutter by rooting and taking complete control over the OS and hardware. Since this option always scares me just a little, I’ve opted to pass it up. And so, for the last two years, everyone within a quarter mile has known when I’m taking a picture.

I won’t even share links or try to explain this one. There are quite a few options for unlocking the camera shutter sound under a rooted OS. But if you’re up for the challenge of rooting, you don’t need my help, nor would you want it.

Silence the Camera Shutter Without Root

I’m not exactly sure when this option became possible or when the app that gives us said option was developed, but it is a miracle cure and I’m thrilled to have it!

After giving up on my routine search for how to silence Galaxy camera shutter quite a few months ago, I was recently motivated to try again. I’m so glad I did! This time I found mention of something called Enforced Stream Silencer which is an app that you won’t find in the Google Play Store.

I did a search for Enforced Stream Silencer, clicked the first link and downloaded the APK to my phone. I installed it, opened it, and check the box – no more shutter sound!

screenshot of Enforced Stream Silencer app

The Enforced Stream Silencer app is very simple, with only one option, it does its job well.

I still don’t know what an Enforced Stream is, but I really don’t care. Click here to get the app that shuts up your camera so you can take photos without feeling embarrassed!

Whether you have an S3, S4, S5, Note 2, Note 3, or Note 4, this should work for you! As far as I know, all Samsung Galaxy devices, even tablets, should have success by using this app. If you have any trouble or can confirm that this works on your device, please leave a comment below.

Thanks and happy picture taking!