Celebrate All the Things

I’m not naturally a celebratory person. I like it when people pat me on the back, sure. But I don’t make a plan to celebrate much myself. That’s why this is a slightly uncomfortable new venture for me.

I think we all enjoy seeing other people happy when we celebrate them. Birthday presents, graduation parties, little notes in the mail to mark an anniversary – these are all somewhat normal for most of us. But are we taking time to celebrate ourselves?

Taking Time to Celebrate

My current routine when completing a big step in a project, is to drop everything and relax. Unfortunately, when I say relax, what I mean is, veg out / accomplish nothing / add nothing to my life. I’ve realized that this is not celebrating at all. In a way, this is akin to stomping my feet and saying, “There! I did it. Now leave me alone!

Celebrating is critical because it’s the only way to withstand living a life of intensity and purpose. If you’re living each and every day with meaning and intentional action to fulfill your purpose, you’re going to be drained from time to time. Allowing yourself time to celebrate the little accomplishments along the way will keep you focused and help you avoid burnout.
Quote by Robert D. Smith in an interview on skipprichard.com.

I like Robert D. Smith’s purpose of celebration: “Allowing yourself time to celebrate … will keep you focused and help you avoid burnout.” This is in stark contrast to my purpose: to avoid continuing at all costs.

Rather than use celebration as an excuse, I want to use it to bookend my accomplishments. This should be an encouragement to myself to work harder and more consistently in all things I set out to do.

Analogy: Rather than giving your dog a treat to shut him up, be consistent and train your dog to be quiet, thus, he will earn himself a treat.

Celebrating with Purpose

So I am going to start celebrating with a purpose. I’m going to celebrate the obvious occasions, and also the less-than-obvious ones. I’m going to celebrate progress, but in a constructive way. I’m going to celebrate my relationship with my wife, and do so with purpose, instead of using it as an excuse to pig out at our favorite restaurants.

Ask Yourself:

Do you celebrate your life and accomplishments? What does that celebration look like? Is your celebrating helping or hurting you and your goals?