Trying Not to Buy Adobe’s Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud has been out since 2012. I’m still holding out.

CS3… are you serious?

Yes. I am seriously still sporting my very old copy of CS3. At this point I only use Photoshop CS3, but once in a while I will whip out Illustrator CS3 if a logo or special file needs to be tweaked. Even then, I try to avoid it.

Thanks to the web improving leaps and bounds, I really only use Photoshop for very basic things these days. Web design is becoming more of a coding exercise every day. What with HTML5 and CSS3 and all the effort browser makers have made into leveling the playing mine field of the days of Web 2.0, I simply don’t need Photoshop for anything but editing photos.

That’s great, because CS3 does exactly that. Since then, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC have added an incredible number of features to Photoshop, but I haven’t really needed them.

Why change now?

So why this post? Well, I’m trying to decide if an upgrade is in order.

I just recently upgraded my PC and have a fresh install of everything on it. When it came time to install CS3, I got stuck. Should I pay the money to get Photoshop CC or the entire collection of apps? Or should I stick with my very old and pretty unremarkable FREE programs?

Same boat?

Are you like me or did you upgrade a long time ago? Does $49.99 / month not phase you at all? That’s a lot of money after a few years. Maybe you’re doing so well in business, you just don’t care. Congrats.

For me, it’s just a hard pill to swallow. Whether I have the money or not doesn’t even matter in my decision. It’s a big expense that’s not necessarily a requirement.

What do you think I should do? Let me know.