Mobile-Friendly, Now a Must

If you’ve been waiting to take your website into the mobile-friendly future, listen up. Google is about to make a change that will directly affect your business.

Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21

The Mobile Movement

For quite a few years the web has been changing to mobile, responsive, device-agnostic design and development. And for good reason! With the majority of web traffic now consisting of smartphones and tablets, mobile matters.

Since last year Google has been displaying mobile-friendly tags next to search results which pass their mobile-friendly test. This little tag has made a big difference for mobile users, deciding which link to click, load, and spend their time and battery life on. It all adds up, so knowing which sites are prepared for smaller devices is quite helpful.

checking your site for mobile friendly-ness

Check your site for mobile friendly-ness:

One Step Further

Starting April 21st, Google is updating their search ranking algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites. If your site is more or less tied with a competitor for certain keywords, and they’re mobile-friendly and you’re not, your site will be listed after theirs. You don’t want that. Your business relies on search result performance and you need to be at the top.

Do yourself a favor. Check your site to see if it’s mobile-friendly, and if it’s not, contact your web developer to see how you can align with the mobile web. It’s about to be an even bigger deal!

Is your site mobile friendly?

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