Lead Blogger Guy

Lead Blogger Guy

On my Facebook page, under work, it now says Lead Blogger Guy at Recharge Workshop. As of right now, that is my primary job for my website at http://rechargeworkshop.com. It’s also what I do here on my personal blog. So maybe it’s time I figure out what that means…

Becoming a Blogger

If you didn’t know, I started a new brand on the first of this year. The Recharge Workshop is where I’m sharing DIY, home improvement, and pallet project articles that I write. I’ll also be releasing home decor items for sale there (but actually on Etsy).

Recharge Workshop logo

So between trying to write more on this blog and having a business and marketing obligation to write more on the Recharge Workshop blog, I’m pretty much a full-time blogger now. Haha.

Blogging as a Job

I have not yet hit my stride, so it’s not quite that much work. But the goal is to make this a career. I’ll aim to make money indirectly through blogging, by promoting my businesses and gaining new clients. And I’ll aim to make money directly by creating content for sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and paid advertisements.

You can see that I added an Amazon Affiliates box in the sidebar. Clicking on these targeted ads and then purchasing something on Amazon.com within 24 hours will earn me a small percentage of your total purchase. I’ve also created some posts about products that I have bought off Amazon and either reviewed or used in a tutorial with affiliate links.

My goal is to continue to create quality content that helps people. If I can find ways to monetize that without phoning it in, we all win.

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I realize that “Lead Blogger Guy” isn’t a real job and that I’m the only “blogger guy” at my company. It’s supposed to be funny and you ruined it. :/

How to be a Lead Blogger Guy

I want to start documenting my approach to blogging. I’d like to share what I know and what I struggle with, so I can help others interested in the same topic. It should also help to keep track of my progress and see how I improve and fail over time.

Next week I will be starting a new series on blogging. Short, simple tips and practices to start a blog, design a blog website, monetize a blog, etc. If you have specific things you want to see in this “Blog 101” series, please let me know in the comments.