Hello World

The day has come… I have a blog!

I’ve wanted to have a blog for such a long time. Thankfully, I never created one until now. I’m sure it would have sat dormant for years at a time. But now, with my business started and my personal website redesigned, with new purpose, I am finally ready to share my thoughts, experiences, and experiments with you!

I hope you realize that you are part of an elite group of four to seven people who will read this or any other blog post on my site. So feel special, friend.

Raise your hand if you used WordPress

My hand is not raised. I’m very happy to be using Anchor CMS for this entire website. Still in its early stages of development, Anchor has its drawbacks. There are definitely kinks to work out with each build, but for simplicity and performance, I think it’s more than worth the effort.

I can’t wait to share more with you about this site, Anchor CMS, my new business, and so much more. Do stick around, won’t you?