Busy, Busy, Back to Business

Wow, the past month has been a blur. I had meant to be posting a few times a week, featuring additions to the WordPress Tips series I started. But then my busiest month of business just happened.

Oh yeah, and I’m about to have a baby…

Recharge Creative is 1 year old!

Sometime in February, my business turned 1. I missed it (not that I had time to celebrate) so I’m planning a relaunch with a blog and newsletter in the coming weeks.

Today I’m actually a sponsor at a conference for the Pennsylvania Association of Marriage & Family Therapists. I have a table advertising my business, and it’s the perfect place, as I’ve already built so many websites for the members of the board who are running the conference. For info on the conference, visit the PAMFT.com website.

Visit Recharge Creative at http://rechargecreative.com

I’m about to be a dad!

If you didn’t already know, my wife is pregnant with our first. I’ve been busy because of my business, but also because I’ve had so many projects around the house these past few months. We wanted to have the nursery finished in time for the baby, but that will have to wait. Our room is prepped with the crib in the corner, so we should be good for the first few months.

In a way, I’ve been happy to be so busy because I have no clue how to act or feel about becoming a dad. I’m not really nervous, I’m just inexperienced. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot the first day… which might be today, or tomorrow, or who knows!

Looking forward to some time to relax with my wife and our newborn. I’ll be back with more WordPress Tips and info on my new business blog soon.