2018 Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s customary for bloggers to share their resolutions but I actually don’t care if you read this. That sounds harsh, but I need to start writing to journal my thoughts and experiences. So if you’re interested, I’ll continue with my New Year’s resolutions below. But don’t be surprised if it seems like I’m talking to myself.

A quick look back on 2017

Three years ago I made some goals for 2015 and rehashed the good and bad from the previous year. That’s not such a bad idea. Here’s what happened last year, lest I forget.

The Good

  • No more migraines. Colleen was given the all-clear to stop taking medications for her migraines. We are so blessed to have a God who cares about our troubles. I am beyond relieved for Colleen – I can’t handle a sinus headache let alone a migraine.
  • Birthday trip. We celebrated my birthday in Hershey, PA. I didn’t want to go at first, but ended up having a lovely time. I’m grateful for my wife and her efforts to make me happy.
  • RVA visit. I’m so glad we got to visit Leigh Anne and Joey this summer in Richmond. We had the best tour guide and even had the chance to attend a Sunday service at their church. It was a real blessing to be able to stay in a house instead of a hotel room.
  • New baby. We found out that we are going to have another child. A boy in April. I have mixed emotions. It’s not helping my stress, but I’m happy that Charlotte will get to be a big sister.
  • Making friends. I made a couple friends and made an effort to share my faith with them. I’m not good at either of those things. I reconnected with a friend as well. Hadn’t talked to Billy in quite a few years.
  • 3rd Annual Christmas Eve Party. We had a very successful Christmas Eve party at our new house. 35 people attended and it seemed like most of them had a great time. We should keep doing this, but try to relax and be prepared earlier so we can enjoy it more.

The Bad

  • Weight. I maintained my weight at about 300 lbs. for the entire year. I tried a few times to eat better, but nothing stuck. I’m worried I may never be healthy again.
  • Shut up. I bumped into some ex-clients at a graduation party. I got really nervous, talked too much, and it was extremely uncomfortable. I really wish I would stop trying to please everyone else and just do what’s best for me in those situations. I should say hello and walk away. Who really cares what they think? I fired them because they were making me hate my job. Why should that not take precedence over trying to be liked by everybody?
  • Too little, too late. In preparation for selling our house, I finally finished renovating the bathroom and back room. We also decorated everything to stage the house which was dumb because we lived there for four years and had bare walls the whole time. Lesson learned (hopefully), so I won’t let that happen in our new house. We need to “move in” within the first year. Who cares if we change our minds later? It’s just paint and a few screw holes.
  • Buying a house. We bought a house and sold our old house. I never, ever want to go through that again. What a nightmare experience for a depressed, hyper critical, stress monster like myself.
  • Astigmatism. I had my first eye exam in over 10 years and finally got the glasses I’ve needed my whole life. I hate wearing glasses.
  • Christmas overload. We went everywhere on Christmas. This wasn’t fun for me at all. With six scheduled things during the day (morning at home, PJ’s at my parents’, brunch at my grandparents’, back home for nap time, early dinner at an aunt’s, and finally dinner at my parents’) I didn’t enjoy Christmas day this year. I really don’t want to do that again.

Now the resolutions

I resolve to:

Blog more

Not only have I made it my job to blog, but I also intend on starting a new blog this year. So with three blogs total, I should probably start buckling down and getting serious. This website will become more of a personal journal. It will hopefully act as therapy because I sometimes feel very alone, with no one to talk to.

Writing and reading my thoughts on a regular basis should help me to assess my feelings and be successful with my goals. I always seem to put things off and then take them too far. Look at how long this post is already! I need to get more comfortable with a quick update and an incomplete thought. I hope this helps as much as I think it could.

Take is easy

My friend, Gunnar, started a blog recently and I just discovered it. His New Year’s assignments post really struck me. It seems to focus on improving his personality and the way he interacts with others.

I always try to fix me and I’m rarely successful. I think I’d like to focus on how I approach other people and situations that normally frustrate me. I would imagine if I was more relaxed and less stressed, I’d be able to achieve my goals more easily.

Film more

Just because my camera equipment (or my phone) is crappy, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be capturing the special moments in our lives. I have to make an effort to save some of these incredible times with our daughter before they’re gone and we wish we could revisit them.

I always feel negatively toward recording video because no one records me. But I have to let that go. I can’t control it and I’d rather have something captured than not.

Read 12 books

I hate reading. Always have, save for one year in elementary school. But I know it will help me with my focus, retention, and screen addiction. So one book a month is a starting point. I know I have at least that many books on my shelf that I’ve intended to read for years anyway.

Wake up early

For way too long, I’ve been on a horrible cycle of staying up late, eating too much, and dragging my feet in the morning. I need to be a team player and help my wife in the morning. I should be making breakfast for her, not the other way around. I really hate doing housework and cooking, but I’m the stay-at-home dad. I signed on for this and I need to own it.

In bed by 10 and up at 6 is the goal this year.

Read my Bible

I want to. I just don’t. It’s time to make a serious effort to get into the Word every day.

Get my truck on the road

I’ve had the dentside for 2 years. It’s time to finish getting it ready for inspection. I really want to drive it and I could certainly use it this year for picking up materials for our house renovation. Now that I have a driveway and a garage, I have no more excuses.

Positives jar

I saw a couple examples of this on social media and I think it’s doable. Every week I need to take a moment to recall something positive that happened in the past week and write it down on a piece of paper. At the end of the year, Colleen and I can read through our positives and be refreshed. Especially after a year like 2017, this seems like a nice idea to focus on the blessings. I have a stack of colored paper and a jar to put the notes in. I hope I can remember to do this every week.

That’s it. I’d love your prayers for follow-through on these goals for the new year. What are your resolutions? Can I pray for you too?