2015 – Looking Forward, Looking Back

I meant to write this post in December, but happy belated New Year! 2014 was a pretty neat year for me. I hope it was swell for you too. Still, I managed to screw up quite a few things. Mostly minor things, but I don’t want to forget, lest I downplay my shortcomings in 2015 and repeat myself.

This isn’t just about the bad and the ugly though. I want to remember the good too. I also want to outline my goals for 2015 so I can write this post again at the end of the year and see my progress. So this is to share with you, but also to help me reflect. I’ll keep it short.

Looking back at 2014

The Good

  • Sold a car.
    Sold one the year before, sold one in 2014, and now I have just one more to sell this year. I like cars, shut up.
  • Started Recharge Creative, LLC.
    I had a very successful year at Recharge Creative. That successful year has prepped me for an even more successful second year which has already started off with a bang. Big projects and awesome clients; I’m so glad I went out on my own!
  • Grew my first vegetable garden.
    Learned a lot about what vegetables we actually eat in quantity and my next crop will be completely different. Still, it was a fun project and a nice thing to have in our otherwise bland backyard.
  • Paid off car and school loans.
    I’ve never financed a car and I closed out my school loans years ago – which makes paying bills and still having money so much easier. So we really attacked my wife, Colleen’s, car and school loans and paid both of them off with help from selling a lot of stuff on Craigslist.
  • Started remodeling our house.
    We decided to stay in our house for a little while instead of rushing to buy a better one. With that decision came the opportunity to make changes to our house for our own comfort and enjoyment. We might as well like the place we call home for the next year or two! So much has changed already and it’s amazing what a little painting can do.
  • We’re Pregnant!
    For those of you who don’t already know, we’re having a baby! In May of this year, I’m scheduled to be a parent and I’ve still not fully understood what that means. In the meantime, there’s a lot of things to do to prep the house and our wallets for diaper madness.

The Bad

  • Stopped working out.
    I think I quit my gym in 2013 but my goal was to run, ride my road bike, and lift weights in my garage this past year. I never ran or lifted, and I only rode my bike for a couple months. Since I no longer play on any sports teams, I have to make an effort on my own if I want to be healthy.
  • Gained a lot of weight.
    Started the year at 265 lbs. and finished at 285 lbs. Ugh, something needs to change.
  • Made a mess of my office.
    My office had a pile of boxes in the corner at the beginning of the year. Now it’s a pile of piles. #drowning

Looking Forward to 2015

Excited For

  • Being a father.
    So far everyone else has been more excited for me than I am about becoming a dad. As we get closer to popping the baby balloon, I’m starting to see things a bit differently. When the baby’s room is finished, I think I’ll really be on board. Also, my wife is still crazy small for being so far along – so at the right angle, I can pretend she’s not even pregnant!
  • Seeing my sister get married.
    My sister, Leigh Anne, is getting married shortly after we’re scheduled to become parents. Colleen, is a bridesmaid, so that should be interesting. We couldn’t be happier with my sister’s choice in husband and that’s saying a lot because I’m not easily convinced.
  • Being a healthy weight again.
    I really liked the Andrew who lost 30 lbs. to get married. Not the one who gained 50 lbs. after the honeymoon was over. It’s not going to be easy, but when I reach my goal, it will be that much more exciting.
  • Going on a long drive in the summer sun with my wife.
    I guess the baby can come too.


  • Upgrade my PC.
    I custom built a PC for personal and work use over 4 years ago. It was built with upgrading in mind and it’s time to do so. A few hundred dollars should put this thing back in the express lane.
  • Lose weight.
    By the end of the year, the only chubby thing in my house better be my baby.
  • Have a baby.
    I don’t have to do much here to accomplish this task. I’m playing more of a support role. Afterward however…
  • Launch Recharge Workshop.
    I actually started two businesses in 2014. The second one never really saw the light of day because I was so busy. This year I want to start making and selling products for the yet to be announced Recharge Workshop.
  • Finish remodeling our house.
    The downstairs is almost done. Next up is enlarging our upstairs bathroom and painting our bedroom. I think we can finish all that before the baby… hopefully.
  • Prepare the baby’s room.
    We’re blessed to have almost everything we need for the baby’s room already lined up. My aunt gave us furniture and Colleen’s colleague gave us a great deal on a lightly used crib. Now we just have to clean up our junk room, paint it, and put a baby in it!
  • Get my 300zx back and back in shape.
    My favorite car has been in storage for almost a year now. Once I sell my other car I can get my 1993 Nissan 300zx out of storage and start fixing her up. I want to enjoy her this summer.
  • Build a workbench.
    I do way too many projects on the dining room table. It’s time for a dedicated space for woodworking and fixing things.
  • Finish my office.
    I’ve been married for a year and a half but I’m still living out of boxes. I hate unpacking and figuring out where things should go because that means deciding what to throw out. I’ll need to buckle down and clean up this mess if I’m ever going to decorate and furnish my office the way I’d like.

If you haven’t made a to-do list for the year, I recommend you do. Keep it short and sweet and you’ll be more likely to be successful. Nothing is more daunting than a huge list of things to do. If you’ve made a list, share it in the comments. Friends don’t let friends complete to-do lists alone!

That’s it. Here’s to hoping 2015 is our best year yet!