Control Your Outlets With a Remote

Zap 5LX by Etekcity, remote controlled outlet kit

If you’re like me, and live in a house built before 2000, you may be frequently annoyed by the lack of built-in tech. Upgrading you house can be costly and require cutting up the walls – also annoying! But I’m less annoyed now, thanks to a remote controlled outlet kit by Etekcity.

Reinvent Your House?

You could upgrade your home and run new wires through the walls, but that’s a lot of messy work – not to mention very costly. Home automation costs money. A Nest thermostat costs hundreds of dollars and a NAS for your media center requires a lot of know-how.

Upgrade Your Outlets!

In our house we have outlets and lights in inconvenient places. Since we’re in a townhouse that doesn’t face south, it’s always dark inside. The light switches we have are connected to the least useful outlets and light fixtures.


One thing you can control for reasonably cheap is what you plug into your outlets. As soon as I found this remote controlled outlet kit, I had to buy it.

So much better

We used to have to reach behind couches and under tables to turn on some of our lights. But now we just press a button and viola!

Remote controlling your lights and appliances is wonderful in general, but here’s some things it’s especially perfect for:

Mood lighting

Set up small lights around your living room or master bedroom to get the mood you’re after. Then use remote controlled outlets to avoid hopping around to turn them all on and off.

Christmas decorations

Putting up lights and powered decorations is always a pain for each holiday. What doesn’t have to be a pain is turning them on and off. Control your Christmas tree with a remote control? Yes please!

Nursery lights

Ever tried to put a baby to sleep and found they prefer their cozy lamp until they drift off? Now you don’t have to risk waking them up by sneaking back in their room to turn the light off.


Did I leave that light on? Hmm… One other thing I love about this kit is that it comes with two remotes. Leave one upstairs on your nightstand and turn the whole house off when you go to bed.

Etekcity ZAP 5LX remote controlled outlet

The ZAP 5LX by Etekcity is a really good deal. Five outlets, two remotes for a reasonable price. If you don’t need all five outlets and want to save a few bucks, see below for other options.

Etekcity ZAP 5LX remote outlet switch features

The outlets are programmable, so you can choose which button controls each one. I like that. You can also set one button to control multiple outlets – I LOVE THAT!!!

It’s the best feature, in my opinion. It means you can group multiple outlets to turn on and off an entire room for example. Or you can setup one button as a shut-it-all-down-before-going-to-bed button.

In conclusion, I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s made turning on the Christmas lights so much easier. I would highly recommend this brand if you’re looking for a remote controlled outlet.

Alternate Options

Don’t need all 5 outlets? Here are some smaller kits as well as other brands to check out.


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